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In this series I have here is a new twist. Which will be occurring for as long I have a profile called #MixtapesForYourFriends. Back at home I’m considered one of the prime sources for new sounds and feels. So occasionally I make CDs and Tapes for my friends. Not something you can just easily request, everything I make is purely organic, it represents who you are and how does my musical mind fit into your lifestyle or daily groove. I’m constantly inspired by my friends and environment. So I like to pay them back by making them mixtapes. Which I will post every time I make one.

In this edition was inspired by the Soul Sister SunnyCheeba ( @fortheethrill ). Her classical boom bap with a twist of psychedelic sound taste always been something we both share as well usually added into all of my mixes. Shes actually been the gatekeeper to my whole Musical universe. You can follow her on soundcloud and on twitter. Enlighten Yourself, Stay Golden.#inspirationinthecut

Sunny Cheeba


RIP to the Great..


The game has changed, Yung-Oso is moving up the ranks. Although I disappeared from tumblr. This is a good opportunity for a fresh start.

Since the last update. Ive been more to myself still, keeping my circle tighter than a virgin ( lol.. ). But progress has been made towards myself and my aspiration upon music creation. Sometimes I feel like music has sorta destroyed a few personal relationships as well as distance myself from some people who I didnt mean to be so distant. But hey, I guess those people weren’t meant to be part of my life. Or as I like to say, “I never left, you just never adapted to the changes in my life…”

Now here’s whats next, more music to be created. If you feel like you want to be part of my journey start by following my soundcloud here,


If you aren’t familiar about the soundcloud wave and what new shit the musical world has to offer, You’re prolly one of those people who still watch award shows about the grammys and the hottest track in your phone is most likely Tom Ford by Jay Z still.

I’m going to post more music here so you can at least follow my tracks. Photos too but now theres instagram….

bye now..

I’ll Give you a hint, I rather keep you guessing with titles and attention grabbing covers.

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